GoogleEarthing #30

Use Google Earth to find the image below somewhere on the face of the Earth. When you find it, tell us using the comment feature. And send an email to so we can email you your GoogleEarthing Winner prize.

Click on image for larger view.

Puzzle Solved by: NoSkillz (4)
Elapsed Time: 1 hr 21 min
Location: Irbil, Iraq


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5 Responses to “GoogleEarthing #30”

  1. Irbil, Iraq

    36 11 28.25 N
    44 00 33.10 E

  2. This is why I have to make them hard.


  3. Brad,

    Stop posting these in the middle of the day! I’ve got work to do! (and I don’t have Google Earth loaded at the office, though even at home it’s slow as molasses).


  4. This is why I have to make them hard.

    Actually, hard is in the eye of the beholder. Apart from the 5 I’ve found, there are maybe four or five more from your selection that I might have found with more time. As for the rest, I doubt that I would ever find them. (Your Weekend Group #28 is a lost cause for me).

    As more people join in the search, the odds of someone either knowing the place already or finding it on the first try goes way up. To you it will appear that they are easy, but for each of us, easy and hard varies from photo to photo.


  5. I know what it’s like. People are starting to send me images with no locations. I’ve even used a few on here after doing lengthy searches of my own and coming up dry.


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