Ryan’s GoogleEarthing World Tour #71

Ryan’s GoogleEarthing World Tour is a mega-contest. It works just like normal GoogleEarthing contests (see rules page), but there are 75 puzzles. Enter your answer in the comments, and move on to the next puzzle. When all the puzzles have been completed, the person with the most correct answers will be the winner.

Use Google Earth to find the image below somewhere on the face of the Earth. When you find it, tell us using the comment feature. And send an email to info@googleearthing.com so we have your email address and can contact you.

Click on image for larger view.

Puzzle Solved by: Deepb1ue
Elapsed Time: about 4 days
Location: Fort Worth Stockyard, Texas

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3 Responses to “Ryan’s GoogleEarthing World Tour #71”

  1. Not one for the vegetarians out there. This is the home of the Long Horn cows and BIG steaks. Its the Fort Worth Stockyard, Texas.

  2. correct. yes this is a meat-eater’s disneyland. Good work deepblue

  3. If you ever visit make sure you take the walking tour. It is well worth the price, as is the historic train ride on the Grapevine RR. This photo is over a year old, because they hadn’t even started building the hotel when it was taken.

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