Ryan’s GoogleEarthing World Tour Update

It seems that the mad solution rush is slowing down a bit . . . but almost 2/3rds have been solved, so now is where it gets interesting. There are some real challenges in there, but also some I consider a tad easy. The leaderboard:

Adriaan - 18
Alan - 15
Rogier - 12
Michael Johnson - 2

I think it will come down to any of the top three, probably the one who has the fewest work obligations during the next week :).


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22 Responses to “Ryan’s GoogleEarthing World Tour Update”

  1. Well, unless Adriaan decides to stop searching I’m fairly sure that I won’t catch up — try as I might (and will!). This guy is just on a roll.


  2. And I have a ton of work to do, so it will be hard for me to get to the additional ones. The remaining ones looked rather challenging…

  3. I won’t stop searching, but I think the glory days are over.
    Monday is my weekly day-off, so now it’s just down to the evenings (having no social live whatsoever is a benefit in this game :) ).

    Also there seem to be a few pretty tough ones left…

    What I’m still hoping for while searching the world tour, is to stumble across a few yellow buses, a mansion with a black oval driveway etc etc….


  4. Here’s an updated Leaderboard

    Adriaan - 24
    Alan - 16
    Rogier - 12

    There’s only 21 unsolved puzzles left, so that means the winner HAS to be from one of the three of you. I hope the contest has been enjoyable so far. Good luck!

  5. Adriaan said: What I’m still hoping for while searching the world tour, is to stumble across a few yellow buses, a mansion with a black oval driveway etc etc….

    You too, eh! ;)

    For the moment I’m about through with the RWT search. Apart from what I’ve found, I missed on about a half dozen (either through lack of imagination or of follow-through) that I might’ve found if Adriaan or Rogier hadn’t got there first. Such is the outcome of a race. I don’t have the time to really hunt down the harder ones — have at it, Adriaan!

    In the process I’ve seen some interesting things. Check out downtown Portland, Oregon for some really weird building angles. Makes me think of Escher.


  6. As of 9:30 am EST on Thursday 8 December I calculate:

    Adriaan - 29
    Alan - 17
    Rogier - 12
    Michael - 2
    Deepb1ue - 2

    with 13 puzzles left to solve.

    Mathematically, I could still pull off a win, but realistically this one belongs to Adriaan - and it has been well earned! Congratulations, Adriaan.


  7. Thanks Alan.

    (copy/paste my comment RGWT #38:)

    I can honestly say that I didn’t experience this as a competition (no, really). I just want(ed) to find the locations.
    And the real fun part is just starting: find the difficult, remaining ones. Ehh.. did I say ‘fun’? I meant ‘frustrating’, or.. no, ‘fun’ was right. But it can be frustrating. And fun.
    Let’s face it: I’m a GoogleEarthing-masochist.

  8. As of 12:00 noon EST on 12 December we have:

    Adriaan - 33
    Alan - 17
    Rogier - 12
    Deepb1ue - 7
    Michael - 2
    Kelly - 1

    with 3 puzzles left to solve: 22, 32, 48

    Since Monday is Adriaan’s day off, I expect that these last three won’t last the day.

  9. Thanks for your compliment and trust. But I’m afraid it won’t happen today; a man can skip laundry-day only every so often :-).
    These last three could take a while. Strange though, that 32 and 48 prove to be so difficult.


  10. I used to live in Portland. I know what you mean about how downtown can look from above. Check out the City’s PortlandMaps.com GIS site to watch the evolution of the area WNW of Downtown from warehouse district and rail switching yard to condos and lofts and art galleries and trendy eateries and new parks and . . .

  11. I did some checking on Google Earth and noticed #32 has been updated. I reshot to photo and sent it to Brad. The new photo is much clearer, and lacks the pond in the park, so I hope it’ll help to ID to location.

  12. Well, deepb1ue figured it out before the update. I’d scanned through Liverpool twice, but hadn’t made the connection. :(

    So, Ryan, any hints to help figure out the two hold-outs? ;)

    My guesses are that #48 is in Europe and #22 is in the US. As if that really narrows it down at all. :/


  13. hmmm, ok I’ll confirm your guesses. I hope to be able to send the prizes before christmas.

    If they’re not solved by then I’ll post a clue.

  14. Only one left, now :-)

    @ Alan:
    I had the same thing with #32; twice scanning Liverpool, twice totally missing the spot. And it’s not the first time. But that’s GoogleEarthing for you.


  15. Everyone head over to #22. I’ve posted my thoughts on the photo and possible interpretations. If we all contribute, someone will solve it and Adriaan will have a merrier Christmas. ;)


  16. So, what are we going to do for the holidays?



  17. (Copy/paste)

    Play the Regular Unsolved Puzzles

    * GoogleEarthing #65
    * GoogleEarthing #62
    * GoogleEarthing #61
    * GoogleEarthing #54
    * GoogleEarthing #51
    * GoogleEarthing #28 - Weekend


  18. Ah, yes. The “Oldies”. ;)

    I’ve found three of five for #28, but the last two are fiendishly hard.


  19. Hmm, I’ve got only 2 out of 5 …
    I have the feeling that I have seen the second one before, but cant remember where :-(

    And to quote part of my last comment on world tour #22:
    Though I have all but given up any hope of finding #51. For those that still think this one has to be in the US, or at least Northern America: take a look at
    14 06 04 N, 87 13 54 W
    I’ve never seen a place with so many yellow buses.


  20. Itis so easy. St Mark’s Square, Venice Italy

    45°26401.89″ N
    12°20′16.24″ E

  21. Concerning abundance of yellow vehicles, if you want to trip out go to

    34 31 21 N
    69 10 21 E

    I dont know if they are buses or not, but yellow sure seems to be common there

    PS. When are we going to get some new photos?

  22. Allegedly there are some 40.000 yellow and white taxi’s in Kabul.

    As for new puzzles; I’m afraid that won’t be before at least next wednesday:

    Adriaan (on the brink of finding #54…I hope)

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