Ryan’s GoogleEarthing World Tour

Coming this weekend!

Watch the site this weekend for a massive GoogleEarthing extravaganza - something we call Ryan’s GoogleEarthing World Tour. An enthusiastic user named Ryan has sent in 75 GoogleEarthing images of sites from his recent World Tour.

We’re going to post all 75 puzzles at once, and following our normal rules, whoever posts the correct answer in the comments for each puzzle will win that puzzle. The winner of the Grand Prize will be the person who wins the most number of individual puzzles.

And to really increase the stakes, Ryan is offering a real cash prize - something like US$150, paid directly to your Paypal account. Ryan has posted no bond or any such fancy thing, so we’re going to have to hope he’s good for it. His choice of email fonts seems trustworthy, so I’m guessing everything will be fine.

The game will last until all 75 of Ryan’s GoogleEarthing images are solved. This games could last two days, or two months.

Remember - to receive credit for a puzzle, you must enter the answer in the Comments for that puzzle.

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3 Responses to “Ryan’s GoogleEarthing World Tour”

  1. 75? All at once? Are you going to reformat your blog page (because that’s a tsunami of images)? And here I’ve just received more responsibilities at work! How will I ever prioritize!!!!? (or do you hope this will carry you through until the next writ is dropped?)

  2. I’d like to wish everyone out there great fun on this world tour. I’ll be watching and updating stats for Brad every day or so. Best of luck!

  3. 75?! As in: Seventy-five? OMG!
    You just want to deprive me of my sleep, don’t you?
    Ah well, I’m off to buy a year’s supply of coffee…:-)


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