Around the World with A&A (AWAA) is a new GoogleEarthing contest (see rules page), encompassing 80 puzzles. Enter your answer in the comments, and move on to the next puzzle. When all the puzzles have been completed, the person with the most correct answers will be the winner.

Use Google Earth to find the image below somewhere on the face of the Earth. When you find it, tell us using the comment feature. And send an email to so we can contact you.

Click on image for larger view.
Puzzle Solved by: Ryan
Elapsed Time: 44 days 2 hr 31 min
Location: Wieliczka, Poland

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9 Responses to “AWAA #9”

  1. I guess we are looking for the house with orange tiles in the centre of the picture. This means its a famous persons house or that some great event happened here. That or its a trip down memory lane for Adriaan and his Mum lives here etc…..!

  2. Of the 40 images I selected for AWAA, I think this is the hardest one to find.
    It’s very tempting to give some hint(s), but I think I’ll wait a little longer.


  3. A hint will be given this sunday (march 19)!


  4. This is a cryptic clue of mine:

    M 5:13


  5. Hmm, seems that I’ve got to polish my hinting skills…


  6. I think your hint has to do with Salt, but it didn’t help me much further…

  7. I gave two more hints…


  8. Well I have to admit it the hints did help…..

    Wieliczka, Poland
    49 58 42 N
    20 03 59 E

    M 5:13 = Matthew 5:13 “You are the Salt of the earth”

    I was supposed to go to the Wielizcka salt mine during my eastern europe backpacking trip two years ago, but, lol, I couldnt find the right bus at the Cracow bus terminal, and I couldnt afford the $80 trip my hostal was offering. But Auschwitz was a more important visit anyhow

  9. Mine, Salt of the earth, Polish, I hoped that would be clear enough.

    I did visit this mine, back in ‘96. It was impressive and very beautiful and even would have been educational if only we could have understood what our Polish guide was saying…

    “But Auschwitz was a more important visit anyhow”

    You couldn’t be more right.


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