GoogleEarthing #78

Use Google Earth to find the image below somewhere on the face of the Earth. When you find it, tell us using the comment feature.

Click on image for larger view.

Puzzle Solved by: Aaron (1)
Elapsed Time: about 193 days
Location: Isla Carlos, Chile - 54° 1′28.10″S 73°20′58.72″W

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3 Responses to “GoogleEarthing #78”

  1. Aaron Aurzada Says:

    Puzzle #78 is Isla Carlos in chile

    54° 1′28.10″S

    Thanks Aaron Aurzada
    Minneapolis Minnesota

  2. Good find, Aaron.

    I’d been over that area at least twice, but obviously not carefully enough.

    So, Brad, now we’re down to six unsolved puzzles. Any plans to top it up to ten again?


  3. Congrats to Aaron - more puzzles soon.


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