AWAA - We’re done!

Final Standings
Alan……..0 (well, I did solve several, but none were left at the end)

We’re done! Two months of puzzles are now history. Congratulations to all the solvers for an amazing job. You may now return to your real lives.

Both Adriaan and I were sometimes surprised at the speed at which our “toughies” were solved, while the “easies” lingered. It all goes to show that our perceptions are not always universal. There’s a life lesson somewhere in here, but I won’t get on a soapbox, so rest easy.

We’ve enjoyed ourselves, and we hope you have too. If nothing else, a game like this helps us to see just how amazing this world is. We may not be able to visit all these places in person, but with GoogleEarth we can still marvel at the variety, grandeur, and beauty that is out there.

Adrian and Deepb1ue, please send your contact information to Brad, and we’ll contact you regarding the donations.

To Brad, both Adriaan and I would like to extend to you a heartfelt Thank You for allowing us to squat on your excellent blog these last two months. It has been quite the eye-opener to sit on the other side of the screen, and to appreciate all the work that you do just to feed our habit.

And for all of you, please go here, here, and here, and see what you can do! ;)

A&A ( who will now also try to return to our real lives)

Okay, Brad, it’s back to you.

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3 Responses to “AWAA - We’re done!”

  1. so when can we expect an around the world tour from Adrian and Deepblue?

  2. I’d love to have them do this, but I have a time issue this month due to a project.

    Alan - you have administrative rights - would you be willing to post them?


  3. I’m in… however my available time is often fluctuating

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