GoogleEarthing #86

Use Google Earth to find the image below somewhere on the face of the Earth. When you find it, tell us using the comment feature.

Old Image

Click on image for larger view.

New Image

Click on image for larger view.

Puzzle Solved by: Adriaan
Location: Kirkuk, Iraq
35 26 45 N, 44 21 40 E

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23 Responses to “GoogleEarthing #86”

  1. This is probably a European train station. I’ve tried parts of southern Germany, but no luck (of course).


  2. If I remember correctly, your analysis is right, but wrong.


  3. I’ve fixated on Italy, but no luck. :(

  4. I think it’s not in Europe. Been looking in Latin America and some former Soviet States.

    PS Alan: my surnames spells like r e n k e m a

  5. Ugh, Europe is so much easier to deal with… I don’t want to admit that you’re right, Adriaan! ;)

    PS Aha! was your surname built into you previous email (zonnet)?

  6. Is this in a scandinavian country?

  7. It’s been a while, but I don’t think Scandinavia is right.


  8. Some of the comments disappeared from this puzzle in the transfer, but otherwise everything should be back to normal.


  9. Don’t worry, most of the comments were just me moaning about still not being able to find this. But hey, new photo!! That’ll help reignite my passion a bit…

    Still thinking Middle East or Southern former Soviet states…..

  10. Have been searching (almost) all the railways in eastern Morocco… found nothing

  11. xiempie: I too scoured Morocco. Certainly some tantalizing possibilities there.


  12. That makes three of us :-) I didn’t find in in Tunesia either.

  13. I’ve scoured China and the ’stans. Nothing.


  14. Snap, although I keep going back to the same places convinced I’ve missed it!

  15. I think I will give India another go. Did a few searches there earlier, but you never know.

  16. I’ve been sticking to stations, but I suppose it could just be a random building on a railway line….

    In the comments that got deleted Brad make a “joke” that there were “only a couple of hundred km of railroad in this country”. Was he being sarcastic? Or was it a clue to the size of the country?

  17. Adriaan: I’ve looked at a swath of NW India, as that does seem to be the type of area for that image.

    Kenwyn: I’ve reached the conclusion that there’s something else in Brad’s “reasoning” for that comment. There aren’t many small countries, and I’ve searched them all. I’ve even poked down into equatorial Africa.

  18. This is so freakin’ frustrating.

    My analysis:
    Big city station - there are at least 6 tracks.
    45 degree lie, SW to NE.
    Architectural style - consistent with China (one or two “near-misses” in Morocco), nowhere else have I seen styles similar to this.

    What are we missing???? (apart from the solution itself!)

  19. For a long time I was convinced it had to be in China. I have must have seen more than a hundred stations there, and like you say: some very similar (check out the one in Xincheng).
    The overall brownishness of the updated picture could be a clue. The highest part of the building has a big arch (window, gate?) on both sides.

  20. I’m elated and baffled at the same time. Elated because I found it at last. Baffled because not only is it in a place/country I never expected it to be, it is (just like #64) very close to an other puzzle (#94) I found just a few months ago. Why didn’t I spot it then?

    But anyways, here it is in Kirkuk, Iraq:
    35 26 45 N, 44 21 40 E

  21. I too am elated and baffled. Very pleased that this has been found (well done Adriaan), but baffled that I missed this. I spent a long time seaching Iran and the Stans, and I thought I’d done Iraq, but was obviously not very thorough…. Congrats, I’m off for a cry in a corner…

  22. My, you’ve been a busy boy, Adriaan. I go away for a week, and you’ve cleared more puzzles off the board.

    Congrats, and Verheugd Nieuwjaar!

    (blame if that’s hopelessly mangled)


  23. Thank You Alan, and a happy New Year to you and your family too.

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