GoogleEarthing #100

Use Google Earth to find the image below somewhere on the face of the Earth. When you find it, tell us using the comment feature.

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Solved by: Adriaan
Location: Roughly 48 miles west of Moscow, Russia
55 31 19 N, 36 26 44 E


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56 Responses to “GoogleEarthing #100”

  1. for me, it smells like a small village in russia.

  2. Maybe Southafrica ¿ fammeur?

  3. Cannot be SouthAfrica, I rectify. The shadow point at the north so it must be in the North hemisphery. It,s flat , wet, and not car neither asphalt pavimnemmet so must be or a poor zone otherwise farming ommunity. By other hand the roofs do not have the tipic acute angle of the heavy snowfall area. No puede ser Sudáfrica ya que la sompra apunta al norte. Es llano, humedo unque parece pobre por la falta de autos y de terreno sin asfaltar, o debe de tratarse de una zona rural. No debe de nevar mucho por las formas de los tejados.

  4. Correstion. The shadow suggest that the roofs have acute angle. It means heavies snowfalls. And being the shadow so extend without snow (spring , sammer or automn ) it must be in a latitude over the 50º perhaps higher.

  5. The shadow’s heading quite exactly north. It is… around noon and the shadow is extremely stratched… northern hemisphere for sure (Skandinavia, Canada, Russia, China etc.)! Even the nature is looking like “thuntra-style”.

  6. Something quite close (check the roads, buildings and the vegetation):
    67°33′34.23″ N
    33°21′12.04″ E

  7. That does look quite similar doesn’t it? However, it is not the right area. A hint for all - don’t go as far north as 67 degrees.


  8. Think now it’s getting warmer…
    66°35′34.08″ N
    59°17′52.97″ E

  9. The roof colours here don’t quite match. You need to find those two copper coloured roofs to make a match.


  10. I’m thinking Alaska. Have found several similar vilages, but can’t pin this one down. Am I getting close?

  11. This is not in Alaska.

  12. I’d like to comment, but for the large scale that Earth is, I doubt the credit here would be directed towards me so I’d rather not, given that I do live here and there will be no prize given once commented.

  13. i think its from green land…..

  14. Pradyumna - that’s a good guess, but a wrong guess.

    Keep trying everyone!


  15. <a href="">Anonymous</a> Says:

    Keep up the great work. It very impressive. Enjoyed the visit!

  16. Alan - the theme of your searching is very good. You’re just not in the right place.


  17. Not on a Baltic island.

  18. Nor a Pacific island.

  19. I’ve been checking the outskirts of Russian cities - about 2 dozen so far. Some tantalizing spots around Moscow and Kazan, but nothing more to report.

  20. For anyone still keeping score, this is NOT in:

    All in far NE Russia.

  21. Nor Kareliya (NW Russia)
    Nor Finland

  22. Sakha (E.Siberia) - nada

  23. Not even Evenkiyskiy. And no mallarky from Krasnoyarskiy.

  24. Don’t fall for any Tomskaya, Dick, or Harry.

    No cameras in Kemerovskaya.

    Careful, or you’ll be in deep Khakasiya.

  25. Wouldn’t you know it, Khanty-Mansiyski can’t manage.

  26. Just to be sure, I just checked the location of this image, and it has not changed since it was posted.

    Happy searching.


  27. I found some very familiar looking places over here.
    53°54′09.95″ N 30°23′24.10″ E

  28. Having guessed that Brad’s comment of 28/10/07 meant that I had missed this one in the places I’d listed, I spent this past week re-checking them all. Though I found a half dozen promising spots (road alignment and roof colours) on the edges of some cities, I haven’t found this one yet.

    Unless Brad can give a definitive word, I now assume that I misunderstood his comment and will continue searching elsewhere.

    This game is fun, but also frustrating. ;)

    PS Nice to see the spambot filter thingy in place.

  29. the co-ordinats above are very similar,

    I’m currently scanning north west Russia, if anyone else is also searching then add me on msn if u want!

  30. I have found alot of similar sites in Russia especially western russia above Moscow.

  31. Well, my survey of Russia continues. Here are the latest Oblasts etc that I’ve searched (feel free to check my work):


    Are there any other regions that someone would like to declare searched?

    I’m obsessing on this one. While I’d obviously like to be the finder, I’ll rejoice with anyone who nails it!

  32. Some easy ones:


  33. I would really like to be of service here, but I’ve been a bit stupid with this one.
    Normally I put a placemark on areas that have been searched (the current record is 134 placemarks for #54, I believe), but I neglected to do that for this puzzle.
    So I’ve searched several areas, some maybe more than once, but can’t with certainty say which ones…

  34. Normally I put a placemark on areas that have been searched

    How do you do that?

  35. First: go to the centre of the area you want to placemark

    Click on “Add” in the menubar

    Click on “placemark”

    Now you get a menu in which you can give the placemark a name (the number of the puzzle).
    I would also recommend to use this menu to make a new folder in which you can put al subsequent placemarks for that particular puzzle.

    You can manage your stored placemarks via “Tools” in the menubar. Click on “Left Panel” and/or “Places”. Now you can make the placemarks visible or invisible in Googleearth. Or you can delete them.

    Mind you: I’m still using an older version of Googleearth, so it might be a little different in a newer one.

  36. I was thinking… This is the #100 picture, so it is somewhere special to you, BRAD.

    Maybe… your house??

  37. And now I have just remember that Alan inspired you, so it’s not your house…

    >saludos, felicidades por esta página.

  38. In fact, it is a place I have never been and it means nothing to me except that it is a hard puzzle for all of you!


  39. Hi after looking around russia i thought about latvia or lithuania. Particularly going on color and shadows i found a few interestingly similar villages but have yet to locate the actual picture.

  40. 1 year on and are we getting any closer!?

  41. Feel free to check my work…

    Unless Brad pipes in with a definitive comment, I’m going to declare that if this image is in Russia, then it is not east of the Ural Mtns.

  42. anyluck on this yet?

  43. hellebender Says:

    Hi all…
    Just found this site tonight…and I’ve been searching for this puzzle. I think I’m pretty close..and I haven’t seen anyone mention the area I’m in. Hopefully my next post will be the answer. Happy hunting!

  44. This image has not changed since it was originally posted.


  45. Is anyone still searching for this one? The only ex-soviet areas I haven’t checked are most of SW Russia, Ukraine, and parts of Belarus.

  46. I’ve left this one alone for a little while. I keep getting distracted/confused by Brads comment from September 18th, 2007.

  47. “I keep getting distracted/confused by Brads comment from September 18th, 2007.”

    My only observation on that is that your previous comment listed mostly islands. Perhaps this is the “theme” that Brad is referring to?

  48. Believe me; I searched all appropriate islands. I suspect Alan did the same.

  49. Even some inappropriate islands. ;)

  50. Anybody considered islands in rivers?

  51. Ignore my last comment.. it was thought for 92

  52. The last few weeks I dedicated all my (sparse) GoogleEarthing search time to this one. I was unwillingly beginning to think about giving up and accepting that a hint from Brad might be needed. Unwillingly, because I am stubborn enough to see needing help as some kind of defeat (I know, I know, it’s only a game) and because Brad’s ‘hints’ usually only serve to confuse me.
    But then, last friday: joy, jubilation, elation, etc tec. There it was:

    Roughly 48 miles west of Moskow, Russia
    55 31 19 N, 36 26 44 E

  53. Adriaan, you are a machine (in the nicest possible way).. Well done once again on this one and on 108. Bravo.

  54. Thank you Kenwyn, though I am now wondering how being a nicest possible machine is like .. :-)

  55. Just drove past a Google Streetview car in Lausanne. Fame at last? Hope he was taking pictures.

  56. These cars are regularly spotted in The Netherlands as well. Amsterdam (plus surroundings), Rotterdam and Groningen are already ‘online’ in streetview. I ought to carry some kind of GoogleEarthing banner around for when I encounter one of those cars.

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