GoogleEarthing #98

Use Google Earth to find the image below somewhere on the face of the Earth. When you find it, tell us using the comment feature.

Location: Kansas City, USA

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7 Responses to “GoogleEarthing #98”

  1. Aaron Aurzada Says:

    I noticed that this map has a ©Sanborn logo at the bottom. I googled the word “Sanborn” to find out it’s a US company that makes detailed maps of major metro areas, mainly us Cities. Here is a list of them at this site. I bet #98 in in one of these cities?

  2. Aaron Aurzada Says:

    I also bet that it is along side a river or vally because of the switch back trails in the NE corner

  3. Good observation on the switch-backs, Aaron. I missed that. It will be interesting to see if your guess on Sanborn bears out.


  4. I should note that while this image is still findable, it is no longer identical to what you see here. But you should be able to identify it.


  5. 39-04-43 N
    94-36-23 W

    Kansas City, KS

    Aaron’s reasoning was sound. This high-point overlooks the Kansas River just before it joins the Missouri River.

    The current image has most of the central area as a construction zone, and the building at the bottom right is completely gone!


  6. Good job

    I have a feeling the image now in Google Earth may be older than the one here, but it’s hard to say.


  7. Looks like I should’ve said Kansas City KS/MO. I clicked on just about every ‘layer’ choice to see if I could learn more about this site. It appears that the KS/MO state line runs right down the middle of this image.

    I took a much closer look at the area showing a building in the bottom right of Brad’s image. The current image shows a series of silos that are being demolished, which means Brad’s image is the older one.


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