GoogleEarthing #104

Use Google Earth to find the image below somewhere on the face of the Earth. When you find it, tell us using the comment feature.

Click on the Image for a larger view

Solved by: Adriaan
Location: 39 55 45 N, 33 14 53 E , Elmadag, Turkey

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35 Responses to “GoogleEarthing #104”

  1. Have been exploring Greece, California, the South of France and Italy a bit, but I haven’t found any similar places.

  2. Now that you mention it, the road layout does have a non-USA feel to it. Good observation.


  3. Have a look at the island of Madeira… I haven’t found it there, but didn’t do a thorough (inch-by-inch) search.

  4. “the road layout does have a non-USA feel to it”

    Indeed, but it doesn’t look European either, I hardly see such black roads in Europe. Maybe i’m not looking good :)

  5. Some nice clusters of roofs and vegetation around Kampala/Entebbe, but nothing that matches.


  6. Been looking around the Carribean, now back to the Mediterranean…

  7. One thing that just struck me is the lack of cars. 40 houses, and not one appears to have a car outside. None appear to have tarmac drives (just dirt paths). And maybe one car on the road, but not even sure that is a car.

    Thought Alan was mad looking in Africa, but maybe not!! Now I’m just confusing myself.

  8. “Thought Alan was mad looking in Africa” — more like an annoying twitch ;)

    Good eye on the cars, or lack thereof.

    What I’m seeing is a new neighbourhood (black tarmac roads — no lines on the roads)and new wealth. Large houses, similar roofs, walled compounds (not too high walls). Few if any with second floors. One house still being built. No swimming pools!!!

    Obviously more arid than temperate.

  9. What strikes me is how small most plots are and how close the houses are to each other. So space is scarse and/or expensive. That leads me to believe it’s either in or near a larger city, or in an area with little terrain suited for building (mountainous, for example).

  10. Also noteworthy: no pools.
    And I’m wondering what the structure on the triangle directly above the white car is, a chapel or something like that?

  11. Adriaan wrote: “Also noteworthy: no pools.”

    Dude!! I already mentioned that! ;)

    Good call on the triangle structure. I hadn’t noted that.

    Lots of interesting observations on this one, but nothing that shouts “eureka” to me. :(


    PS I sent an message to your gmail. If your address has changed, mine hasn’t.

  12. Alan wrote: “Dude!! I already mentioned that!”
    Doh!! Totally and completely missed that…

    My money for this one is still on the Northern Mediterranean.


    PS. Got your mail, will respond tonight.

  13. It seems to be the Northern hemisphere to me, as the Sun is lighting up the SE faces of the houses.
    The shadow cast by the houses suggests it’s before noon, around 10-11AM, I suppose
    There are shadows cast by tall trees- possibly cypresses- a mediterranean climate zone.
    One possible guess- This could be one of those small towns in Northern slopes of the Elbrus Mts, N. Iran, (areas bordering the Caspian Sea. This area is the favorite of rich Iranians who have very fashionable villas
    Other guesses- in Azerbaijan, or the Georgian Republic.

  14. Hi PJ, welcome to GoogleEarthing.
    Some good and intriguing observations you made there. I will definately do a few searches in the areas you mentioned. Getting tired of fruitless searches around the Mediterranean anyway.

  15. Thanks, Adriaan

    Going by the roofs (all are sloping, red-tiled), mygut feeling says it’s probably in Turkey
    The pace’s on a south-facing slope (on the sunny side). It’s probably not a suburb of a large city- as there are not many cars- alternatelu, it could be a new development.
    It’s not an upscale, ‘posh’ locality, going by the dearth of swimming pools.
    Alternately, it could be northern Turkey facing the Black Sea

    Am still looking around in Turkey. Hope I get to the location soon. The imagery would have probably been updated as well; this could make the search a tad more tough, I fear.


  16. I did quite a few searches in Turkey some months ago. But only in the south. Some very tantalising similar places.
    I think I’ll pick the search for this one up again, one of these days.

  17. I had looked around NW and N shores- around the Sea of Marmara, Bosphorus and the Black Sea shores. Striking similarities, but nothing close.

  18. OK, I give up. Please post the solution, it’s been 1.5 years :)

  19. heyyy! :o
    Request please wait for a little while more! Am on trail, and its really very interesting

  20. Be assured: solutions will not be posted. Sometimes hints are provided. But with this one that will be difficult as both Alan and me don’t know where this is :-)
    And 1.5 year isn’t that long, it’s about a year less than it took to find, for instance, #100 .

  21. Any hints for this one will come from Brad. Sometimes his hints are more puzzling than the puzzles. ;)

    Then again, we’ll find out on Friday if I have any ability at giving hints.

  22. Is there any chance a more recent image has been taken than this? I’m not sure how often GE updates but this says 2005 on it. Might have swimming pools and more cars now people have moved in?

  23. The image is still the same. I just checked.


  24. Since we’re in clue mode, gobble up this one.

  25. So PJ is on the right lines?

    Alan, do you know the locations of this and #111?

  26. Give thanks that I’ve said as much!

    Brad told me this one, but the tower thingie is still just some thingie. No idea what or where.

  27. So ‘gobble up’ is what we have to work with….?
    Greedy (Greece), or the sound a turkey makes? That doesn’t change much for me, I’ve beem searching there a lot.

  28. Like I said, I have been looking around Turkey for a long time. But Alan’s hints (gobble, Thanksgiving) gave me a kind of boost to do some more thorough and extensive searching. With result:
    39 55 45 N, 33 14 53 W Elmadag, Turkey

  29. That answer is only partially correct.

  30. Big oops! Replace the W with an E…
    39 55 45 N, 33 14 53 E

  31. So, Adriaan, how ’bout that tower thingie dingie?

  32. That tower thingie is a thoughie…
    Does finding something very similar also count? : 28° 1′55.98″ N, 35°58′15.30″ E

  33. That’s a good find, but I’ve always been thrown by the resolution of #111. Either it is enormous, or it is in a much much higher resolution area than this one. I haven’t found any others so far that you can actually see the red/white bands so clearly on….

  34. I came in a bit too late- Had lost my bookmarks, and had to doo a bit ‘o googlin’ to find out yer site.

    But the Puzzle’s been solved, I see- Turkey, eh?
    Not that far off!

    Thanks a lot, guys!

  35. Hi pj. Good to see you’re still in this game.
    Yes, you were spot on with your guesstimation that this puzzle was likely to be in Turkey.
    It certainly encouraged me to do some more extensive searches there.

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