GoogleEarthing #111


Use Google Earth to find the image below somewhere on the face of the Earth. When you find it, tell us using the comment feature.

Click on the Image for a larger view

Solved by: TBA
Location: TBA

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17 Responses to “GoogleEarthing #111”

  1. Red/White is a common colour for large electricity pylons or radio masts. Can’t see any wires though, and it appears to be quite high res (so possibly near a city or something of importance rather than randomly out in the desert?). Map Data c 2008AND found quite a lot around North Africa and parts of Mid East so concentrating there.

    Any other ideas?

  2. Sorry, that isn’t supposed to say “Map Data c 2008AND”. Copy/Paste slip up…..

  3. This one is really driving me nuts. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of these (what I presume are) gsm antennas/masts in the Middle East and Northern Africa. And I’ve seen a lot of them, but just not this one.

  4. Been working on this one on and off but feel I’m going round in circles a bit (clearly not as organised a searcher as you Adriaan)!

    Would be nice to have some new puzzles when you have the time Brad…..

  5. Sorry to disappoint you Kenwyn, but I’ve been far from organized with this one. Haven’t been keeping track of my searches. I find myself searching the same area more than once, which in itself isn’t a bad thing because this is a spot that can easily be overlooked, I’m afraid.

  6. Any updates, guys? Iraq?

  7. This could be anywhere between Marocco and Pakistan. North Africa or the Arabian peninsula seem the most likely suspects to me. I’m concentrating on the roads, as most of these towers seem to be alongside those.

  8. Oh yeah, a search-tip: clean your monitor before searching for this one. The dust and specs more than once fooled me :-)

  9. Ditto (North Africa etc). Managed to convince myself that this is in Libya (but am expanding the search slowly)

    Must be by/near a road and have at least a track of some sort leading to it. Someone has to service the thing. Have been searching from about 2/2.5 km altitude as I fancy it will show up well from there. Might go higher to save time.

    Am I right in saying that it is definitely NOT an electricity pylon. IT will just be a standalone mast?

  10. I think you’re right. I suspect this to be a UMTS mast for mobile phone-connections. Seen a lot of those, some very similar (red and white, grey maintenance shack, in a small fenced-off area).

  11. Now, because of GoogleEarthing, I find the term “it’s a small world” incorrect. :)

  12. You’re so right Gotrees. Putting aside all the fun and challenge that is GoogleEarthing, this game has surely taught me that our world is a big, diverse and very beautiful place.

  13. Just come back to this one after leaving it alone for a long time. Much of the imagery in North Africa has been recently updated. Can Brad (or Alan if you know) confirm whether this image is still current or not?

    (If not it will help narrow down the area a little, although probably not enough to help significantly!!!)

  14. This one is Brad’s baby.

  15. I’ve been looking for this one on and off, and, like Kenwyn, would like to know if this image is still current.

  16. Anyone else still searching for this one?

  17. This was posted in 2008 so I’m wondering if it is still there?? Can we get an update?

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