GoogleEarthing #112


Use Google Earth to find the image below somewhere on the face of the Earth. When you find it, tell us using the comment feature.

Click on the Image for a larger view

Solved by: Just Kidding
Location: 49 58 55 46 N 108 06 18 34 W

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16 Responses to “GoogleEarthing #112”

  1. Uh? What is this supposed to mean?

  2. Streetview? Gotta be next to a road. NH or SH? Temperate (europe or US?).

    Your guess is as good as mine. I’m starting in France cos there’s loads of countryside Streetview….

    On second thoughts I might just leave it for a while, and go back to #86. Ahhh, good old #86.

  3. Oh right, Streetview. I’ll take a look.

  4. Hmmm, the more I look at it, the more I think “Plains” (which is a shame given the size of the US)…

    Streetview search tips:
    1: All streetview data is collected in long runs. This picture was cleary taken on a very nice day, so it is unlikely to be in the middle of a bunch of cloudy pictures.
    2: Zoom in until the little bubbles appear and then drag the map in the direction you want to travel. Keep an eye on the bubbles for Hay Bales…
    3: My best guess (assuming NH) is a N-S road…

  5. Isn’t this picture a bit too sharp to be taken from Streetview? It has a lot of detail and a high resolution.

  6. Funny, I was just about to write something along those lines…. It’s not streetview is it…

    So what now, we’ve got to guess where Brad took his holiday photos?

  7. I think it’s a Panoramio-photo (it’s in the layers). That doesn’t really help, there thousands of them…

  8. Yeah, but they are searchable on the Panoramio website by tag. You’ve just gotta hope that this one is tagged with something obvious.

    By the way, just tried “hay” and there are loads, but can’t see this one…..

  9. I’ve seen all the ‘hay’-ones too :-), and straw and bale(s)…

  10. I know that Brad is a nice guy, but there’s a touch of cruelty in this puzzle. Even #90 or #92 seem easy compared to this one!

    Brad, what did we do to you to deserve this???!!!!



  11. I figured this would put your knickers in a knot. I’m just kidding - there’s no way any of you could find this.

    For the record, this photo was taken looking SSE at approximately:

    49 58 55 46 N
    108 06 18 34 W


  12. Yea thanks Brad, very funny.

    6 hours of my life I won’t get back….. lol

  13. Ah - a lesson in life - don’t forget to have one apart from this game.


  14. :)

    Back to the comfort of the unsolved puzzles…. ahhhhh

  15. “I think it’s a Panoramio-photo (it’s in the layers).”

    Adriaan, what on (google)earth are you talking about?

    Brad, I was going to comment that this was probably a view out your back window!


  16. @ Alan: if you take a look in the layers-section of GoogleEarth (you know; where you can turn on the roads, railways, borders etc.) you should see the word ‘Panoramio’. Check the box in front of it. Now you’ll see a lot of blue squares on the maps, by clicking on them you get to see (often) very beautiful photos from these places. These photo’s are all uploaded on

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