We’re back

No doubt you have been wondering what’s been going on.

Well, I left the country for five weeks, returned to a pile of work, got sick, recovered, then 2 of my 3 computers got really sick and it took 5 days to recover, and then the website got sick or hacked or something, and I have just recovered from that.

I hope to update things shortly and get some new puzzles posted.

Thanks for your patience.


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3 Responses to “We’re back”

  1. Brad: happy to read that all is well (again) with you and your computers. It is good to see the site up and running again. Especially because I have some interesting things to share, see #108 and #100….

  2. You just can’t make this stuff up anymore…


    Safe for viewing.

    Adriaan, have you heard about this one?


  3. Yeah, it was well covered in the media over here. And I must say that, although I applaud that the villains have been caught, it doesn’t help to make the privacy aspect of street view less questionable.

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