Hints … or miss.

Some more or less helpful hints have been added to puzzles 125-129. Enjoy!

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9 Responses to “Hints … or miss.”

  1. Best get some guesses in quick then.

    #122 is Mediterranean (Southern France or Spain)

    #124 bit clueless, but fancy China (not that that really narrows it down!)

    Kenwyn :)

  2. I think #124 is southern hemisphere.

  3. Since we’re guessing:

    122 North America

    124 SE Asia

  4. Though I’m still trying to think up some clever clues, I will say this: you’re all wrong on #124 ….

  5. For #122 I think it might be Germany. After some Photoshop trickery I imagine a “.de” in the text on the grass.

  6. Well that’s fairly good news. We’ve ruled out an entire hemisphere and most of the largest continent….

  7. A few more wild guesses, and Adriaan should be suitably hemmed in!

    If my puzzles come to clues (like 127), I know I’ll have some challenges not to give it away to easily.

  8. Some guesses (just for fun and because I got one pretty close last time even though I didn’t find it……):

    125 - India (randomly)
    126 - Germany
    127 - Western Russia
    128 - Africa (really narrowing these down….)
    129 - I thought for a long time had to be Europe, but am now thinking Canada like Alan. Some similar Toronto)

  9. I think #128 is South-America…

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