GoogleEarthing #126

Can you see the forest for the trees? #2

Hint #1: To the traditionalist, a vacation spot for Edward.
Hint #2: Bela? Bella? It matters not.
Hint #3: Oh the horror! It’s been two months now!


Use Google Earth to find the image below somewhere on the face of the Earth. When you find it, tell us using the comment feature.

Click on the Image for a larger view

Solved by: Kenwyn
Location: Pischia, Romania.
44′55′44′N 21′21′40′E

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13 Responses to “GoogleEarthing #126”

  1. Looks like a French or Belgian cut to me, couldn’t nail it yet though.

  2. “a French or Belgian cut”

    Are you suggesting these are French Fries? ;)

  3. I thought/hoped the colours would make this one relatively easy to find. Doesn’t turn out that way….

  4. Italy, right?

  5. Oddly enough, Film’s query has a small, tangential connection to the clue.

    Nobody has mentioned the location yet.

  6. Czech Republic?

  7. I will allow that the correct continent has been identified.

    My first hint was quite lame, but the second hint does bring some clarity. A third hint will come this weekend, which should tie together all three hints sufficiently to narrow down the country considerably.

    I’ve just learned that the second hint contains information that can be teased out to within 50 km of the solution — more from happenstance than from any clever planning on my part.

  8. Edward = Edward Cullen (Twilight - vampire)
    Bella = Bella Swan (Twilight)
    Bela = ?
    Horror = Vampire movies?
    Traditionalist = Normal place for vampires = Transylvania
    Romania (possibly part of Hungary). Still can’t find it. Someone put me out of my misery.

  9. Comon, you’re so close!

  10. Woke up and thought I’d have another quick look. Took 2 minutes!!

    44′55′44′N 21′21′40′E

    Pischia, Romania.

    Not sure what the other link to clue 2 is….

  11. Bela Lugosi, the world’s most famous screen vampire!

    After posting clue #2, I did a little more checking on him, and discovered that his screen name, Lugosi, was derived from his hometown of Lugoj, Romania — which turns out to be 50 km SE of this puzzle.

  12. YES!!! I think I just found my first one!!! Here it is: 45°55′36.65″N 21°21′29.59″E .

  13. Congratulations, but please check 3 posts up ^^^.

    P.S. Welcome to the game!

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