GoogleEarthing #127

Can you see the forest for the trees? #3

Hint #1: Consider my comments.
Hint #2: Really now, listen to what I wrote.
Hint #3: Take care that you don’t get lost in the songlands.


Use Google Earth to find the image below somewhere on the face of the Earth. When you find it, tell us using the comment feature.

Click on the Image for a larger view

Solved by: Kenwyn
Location: Yalguba, Karelia, Russia
61′52′40 N 34′36′10 E

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18 Responses to “GoogleEarthing #127”

  1. Is “Russia” enough, or do I have to narrow it down a bit? :)

  2. I was hoping for a little more effort! ;)

    I have many mixed feelings about Russia in relation to this game. Might as well spread them around.

  3. I think I will pass on this one. Just haven’t the strenght to search those dozens, if not hundreds, of areas again that I searched while looking for #100 ….

  4. “I think I will pass on this one.”

    Are you saying that you’re finished?

  5. Been searching Finland, nothing yet…

  6. Quick grammar lesson: don’t confuse the modifier for the subject.

  7. Is it Teamwood OU logging in Nuri, Russia?

  8. Might be way off here but I found similar areas in Estonia and the clues led me to beleive this place maybe near a concentration camp?!? Wish I had more time to look!

  9. Gotrees: I tried googling “Nuri” (Google is my friend) but couldn’t find a place with that name, so I can’t confirm that detail. But like Kenwyn, you are on a warmish trail.

    John: your trail is cold. :(

    The third clue, when properly searched for (remember who your friend is) will be highly instructive.

  10. YES!

    61′52′40 N 34′36′10 E

    It is in Russia, but an area called Karelia. (I believe a territory once disputed between Finland and Russia).

    Clue refers to “A Wedding in the Karelian Songlands” (apparently a Finnish classic, although not currently in my DVD collection!)

  11. I still would like an extensive explanation of the hints, since they’ve given me quite some headaches :-)

  12. Me too. Other than the fact that it was Geocentre consulting, and Alan said “finished” (Finnish?) I was a bit clueless until a bit of Googling on songlands narrowed it down.

    Of course your clues for 131 and 132 will be much clearer, WON’T THEY!?! :)

  13. To be honest; I haven’t even started to think about clues for those… Even though I accept that they may be needed to generate some more interest in this site, I’m still a bit of a purist. Deep down I feel that GE-puzzles should be found by nothing else than searching every nook and cranny of the earth. But that would probably leave only you, Adrian, Alan and me … I think we have to work towards a mix of puzzles with different grades of difficulty, some with clues (after a few weeks, months).

  14. “I still would like an extensive explanation of the hints, since they’ve given me quite some headaches :-)”

    Kenwyn: “Russia”
    Alan: “I hate Russian puzzles, might as well share the feeling” –> somewhere in Russia
    Adriaan: “Too exhausted from searching all over Russia for #100″
    Alan: “Finished?” –> added hint based on wordplay
    Adriaan: “Searching Finland”
    Alan: “Subject = Russia; modifier = Finland” –> NW Russia

    Hint #1 & #2 refer to these exchanges

    – not much action on the solving front –

    Alan: reading up on Karelia on Wikipedia, find a reference to the Finnish tradition of calling Karelia “the songlands”, hence a further clue.

    I always google my clues to determine how close/far they bring you to the solution. Too close/far, and I don’t use that clue.

    I hope you’re feeling better. ;)

  15. To show how the human (well: my) mind works: I combined “listen to what I wrote” and “songlands” and got ’songtexts’, ‘lyrics’ and, at last, ‘carols’. That lead me to Karelia…..

  16. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time!!!!


  17. I was way off. When I said Teamwood OU Logging in Nuri Russia, I actually meant:
    Teamwood Logging:
    Sepa 18, Sonda
    43001 Ida-Virumaa, Eesti
    434 6611

    But I was still very wrong.

  18. Ah, Gotrees, you may have been wrong, but you were thinking! That’s always a good thing.

    Now you can concentrate on Adriaan’s island hopping.

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