GoogleEarthing #132


Use Google Earth to find the image below somewhere on the face of the Earth. When you find it, tell us using the comment feature.

Adriaan’s Islands: 3 of 10

Hint #1: This hint is specially designed to rattle your brains.
Hint #2: You can hear the darkest note here.

Click on the Image for a larger view

Solved by: Alan
Location:  45°15′18″N 30°12′15″E  Snake Island, also known as Serpent Island, Ukraine, located in the Black Sea near the Danube Delta.

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14 Responses to “GoogleEarthing #132”

  1. This is profoundly cruel.

  2. Well, so are your hints…:-)

  3. And it will get worse…

  4. Hey, I understand my clues!!!

    Anyway, this might be easier than first blush. Low res island - cutting out high res areas is a big bonus. Not an atoll, so a whole swath of the Pacific is out.

    Fake out: the bit with the image source is cut off. So probably not just a generic TeleAtlas or Digital Globe source, but something that identifies the area.

    Double fake out: Maybe Adriaan is being tricky by making it look like a “fake out”, and there’s nothing particular about the source.

  5. Rattlesnake Island it ain’t.

  6. NH or SH do you reckon? Shadows (?) suggest NH.

  7. Now that you mention it, there are shadows to the north.

  8. Hmmm, I can hear the sea, perhaps.

  9. So close, so close…

  10. Black Sea (darkest note), about 40 km east of the mouth of the Danube/Donau/Dunăre/Dunaj/Dunav/Duna/Дунав.

    I can give exact co-ordinates and name once I’m home (a slow day at work).

    No name on Google Maps, and NG maps doesn’t even show it.

  11. Apparently it’s called Snake (or Serpent) Island.

    45°15′18″N 30°12′15″E

    Thanks to Wikipedia.

  12. Well done Alan. Good that this has been found, I was struggling to come up with a third hint.

  13. Also called zmeinyj island. I’m sure I googled Snake Island the other day looking for this! Well done.

  14. The hints played right into my love of word-play.

    “darkest note” = Black Sea… inspirational.

    Now I see that if I’d googled Snake Island (instead of focusing on Rattlesnake), then the third hit, and first image (!!!), were of this island.

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