GoogleEarthing #139


Use Google Earth to find the image below somewhere on the face of the Earth. When you find it, tell us using the comment feature.

Adriaan’s Islands: 10 of 10

Click on the Image for a larger view

Solved by: Kenwyn
Location: 52 21`53 N, 5 04 08 E    Pampus Fort Island, 7 miles east of the centre of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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39 Responses to “GoogleEarthing #139”

  1. It took me a while to get a handle on what we’re looking at. Not quite the Guns of Navarone, but certainly this will be fun to try and find.

  2. Yep. I almost wish I didn’t know where this is, so I could search for it. Getting a bit fed up with red-and-white masts in the desert and Mediterranean villages….

  3. I hope this isn’t in Britain.

  4. Well, Britain IS an island :-)

    (Note: please don’t read anything into this. This isn’t a hint for or against Britain)

  5. I know Britain is an island. It’s a BIG island. And I don’t have the patience right now to look for an abandoned twin (turreted?) artillery emplacement on so much real estate.

    I’m just grumpy today, so please ignore my ranting and whining.

    As it is, this one isn’t part of the infamous Atlantic Wall. That much I’ve figured out.

  6. OK, I’ll give this much away: this is on an island smaller than Britain.

  7. Not North Africa or Malta. That’s about as far south as I’d be willing to go.

  8. I wish i knew how big this was.

  9. Hi Gotrees, good to see you’re still in the game. There is a clue in the picture that may give you an idea of the scale.

  10. Gotrees, at the bottom of the picture, at the left end of the grey strip, is a small-ish house — probably a 1 or 1 1/2 story welcome/info centre for the site.

    I’m still confident that my June 11 comment is correct as to “what” this is… I just don’t know “where”.

  11. @Alan @ adriaan Ok, thanks! Sorry, I’m just a newbie. :)

  12. Not Cyprus — but I didn’t really think it would be. Just trying to tackle all possibilities.

    The orientation of the emplacement, and the style of house, just screams to me “Baltic coast”. No luck on two passes.

    Next up (in no particular order): Greek islands, Balearic islands, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily.

  13. Not the Balearic Islands.

  14. Not Sardinia.

  15. Not Corsica.

    Has anyone been searching the Greek islands?

  16. Yeah, no luck so far though.

  17. Oops, I just noticed the imagery for this island has been updated in GE. The picture will be replaced shortly. To compensate, a hint that probably won’t help much:
    This is a kind of proverbial island. The name has a latin feel, but that’s deceiving.

  18. “proverbial island”…. it *was* an island, but is now (essentially) permanently attached to the mainland. Probably inside/near a harbour. That’s my take.

  19. Nope, this is a proper island.

  20. Drat. I thought I’d figured you out!!! Double drat!

  21. Yikes! I just remembered that I’m the gatekeeper for posting images! Better check my email when I get home.

    On further reflection, Adriaan’s clue has sent me wandering over a very unexpected area. No luck so far, but I’m wondering (as I’m wandering).

  22. Lol, I was just about to ask if you received the new images.
    I’m curious which area you’re wandering. It would surprise me if any of the GoogleEarthlings I know understands my clue….

  23. Well, the new image is up, and it’s interesting.

  24. Is anyone else seeing a man just above the bridge/plank thing in the upper right corner in the shadows? I swear I can see 2 arms and a head as if he is looking towards the ground!

    Still no luck searched around near Finland and Sweden but nothing yet, searched greek islands but nothing there so far either.

  25. I’m sure that’s a person, though I can’t make our the arms and head as you can. I also wonder if that blotch of stuff just above the right hole is in fact a large group of people — tour group?

  26. Well, I tried the Solomon Islands (proverbial) with all the Spanish names (latin feel), but it’s too far south. :(

  27. ABC didn’t do it.

    Azores, Bermuda, Canaries

  28. Unable was I ere I saw Elba.

    I must say that this new version of Google Earth (5.2) is amazingly fast. I’m getting a bit of motion sickness as I (ultra)-zoom in and out.

  29. “latin feel” — Guam, Midway, Wake, Puerto Rico. Even tried Saipan (not a World Cup qualifier), but lots of Spanish names.

    Time to do something else.

  30. Don’t concentrate too much on the ‘proverbial’ thing. It is a reference to something you either know or don’t know. And I’m pretty sure most of you searchers don’t know. I feel a bit guilty about it. So, to make that up, a bit of info that might help:
    - the picture shows almost 50% of the island (hey, I said it was smaller than Britain…)
    - ‘Latin feel’ refers to the original Latin (Roman) language

  31. That’s a crazy-small island, so it should be easier to find. But I’m still lost. :(

  32. Ok, let me make it even easier by excluding more than 50% of the earth: this is not in an ocean. (Unlike #137, where I’m on a roll, I have trouble coming up with witty, intelligent clues for this on)

  33. Long time ago I thought of the Spree River in Berlin, but couldn’t find it there.

  34. Since the Isle of Lewis (#137) is in Scotland — not a World Cup qualifier — this one must be one of the qualifiers, so our options are still limited in scope.

  35. Hmm, I thought about Latvia or Lithuania - but that’s out with Scotland. As for hints, 2nd or 1st world war?

  36. Adriaan came home. I thought it might have been here but missed it first time cos this is so small. The Netherlands have had loads of imagery updates recently and that was the clincher.

    52′21′53 N. 5′4′8″ E

  37. Fort Pampus. Built late 19th C as part of a ring of fortifications around Amsterdam.

    Unfortunately I do not speak Dutch and therefore haven’t got much more info on it.

  38. Pamous was famous for the lack of wind causing many sailing ships to lie dead in the water just in front of it - “lie for Pampus” - now a Dutch expression (proverb) for being out cold.

  39. When you said that “most of us probably wouldn’t get it” I went back to Holland. I.e. Something only a local would know.

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