Hint for # 136, #137 and #139

Ok, ok,  these last three island-puzzles seem to be harder than I thought. A little help might be in order:
2 of these islands entered the World Cup about three weeks ago, 1 didn’t qualify

That ought to clear things up :-)

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7 Responses to “Hint for # 136, #137 and #139”

  1. So removing landlocked countries and the ‘very’ southern hemisphere ones leaves:

    Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Cameroon, Algeria, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, England, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Germany, France, Portugal, Greece, Slovenia, Brazil, United States, Mexico and Honduras

    Narrows it down a bit (and removes some horrible prospects).

    For a list of countries that didn’t qualify, pick up an atlas…

  2. Japan and England qualified, and #136 is in Japan, so England is not the other one.

    Australia is a continent, and New Zealand is too far south for either 137 or 139. No other island nations.

    Non-qualifiers with islands: Greece, France, Denmark, Italy, North Korea.

  3. So as Japan qualified and that was 136, out of 137 and 139 one of them is a country which qualified and the other is one which didn’t? So we can’t rule out England just yet right?

  4. Let me sort out the confusion:
    - 2 of the three qualified for the World Cup in South Africa (so they are amongst the 32 teams that did qualify)
    - the remaining one didn’t qualify

  5. #139 feels European. I’m still going England or Greece. So being as #137 is somewhere that didn’t qualify, I’m still going Pacific island on no other evidence than a) Adriaan’s comments and b) none of the other 9 have been there…..

  6. Scanned the channel islands, the dutch Islands and a part of the Danish islands, found nothing. I don’t have enough patience for this game :)

  7. Aye, but you can’t quit either! It’s a sickness, I tell ya!

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