GoogleEarthing #143


Use Google Earth to find the image below somewhere on the face of the Earth. When you find it, tell us using the comment feature.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not: 4 of 9

Click on the Image for a larger view

Solved by: John
Location: Caesarea Philippi/Banias, Golan Heights

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15 Responses to “GoogleEarthing #143”

  1. It’s the Thanksgiving long weekend here in Canada, so an added clue. But a warning to the guys out there as you read the clue: you may never look at your toilet in quite the same way again. As always, beware of rusty fish.

  2. There’s something called the “Book of Revelation of St John the Divine” I wonder if maybe that possibly has something to do with the location?

    That’s based on the fact that the link is called ‘mind of John’. The new year entry said “I have FAITH that you will figure these ones out as the theme is DIVINED” and also somewhere it said it will become a “revelation” when more puzzles are solved, the city in another puzzle solved was named after a saint too - St Catherine.

    This St John was also known as John of Patmos so I checked out Patmos, parts of Turkey and Israel but nothing exciting there so far.

  3. John, you would not by any chance have brothers called Luke, Matthew and Mark?
    Keep going, I firmly believe you are on the right track.

  4. I hadn’t noticed the “mind of John” name for the link. Another co-incidence, yet you are still close… oh, so close.

  5. Looked at places called St John seeing as the other resolution was St Catherine but no luck there, and not any that I know about Adriaan, I’ll have to ask the milkman! Was going to read up about them but think I will just search around Israel for a bit see if I can get lucky.

  6. Happy Easter!

  7. ^ that’s a hint, btw

  8. This one is just north west of Ein Kinya, Israel

    I’ll just go get the coordinates.

  9. 33°14′54.30″N 35°41′56.91″E

    Unsure as to what the religious significance of this is however just yet.

  10. Well done, John.

    Make sure you’re less than 1.5 km high, and turn on the “Wikipedia” option (Layers –>Primary Database –>More –>Wikipedia). I’m using GoogleEarth

    Then research, research, research. ;)

  11. Clearly the bigger theme is religion but I’m wondering if there is a more specific motive in all of these puzzles. Well, anyway good job John.

  12. Right I’ll do that now Alan and yeah Xiempie I think there might be although I’m thrown off by that Galapagos puzzle.

  13. Oh is this Mount Hermon? That is what I orignaly searched for when I looked for this but it came up with a place slightly north but Wiki is saying that this picture is of Mount Hermon which would make more sense!

  14. The wikipedia “dot” that appears in the bottom left of this picture is the one to follow.

    The bigger theme is in fact just a wee bit bigger than you think, but you’ve got enough to tackle the other unsolved puzzles.

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