GoogleEarthing #144


Use Google Earth to find the image below somewhere on the face of the Earth. When you find it, tell us using the comment feature.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not: 5 of 9

Click on the Image for a larger view

Solved by: John
Location: Jabal al-nour, Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

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9 Responses to “GoogleEarthing #144”

  1. Shockingly, this clue has a lot of rusty fish.

  2. Clearly this is a mountain. Will you go to it?

  3. Found it!

    Jabal al-nour (mecca) Saudi Arabia.

    The picture has changed now though but I’m confident it is the same thing!

    Thanks to Gotrees for the guidance on the other puzzle! Couldn’t have done it without the mountain comment!

  4. Well done John!

    Now the rest should be a piece of cake (read the comments again).

  5. Coordinates: 21 27 27 N, 39 51 34 E

  6. Good spot that one. Well done John. I must have gone right over that as I spent ages looking at Mecca for #140. Wasn’t even imagining #144 would be there.

    It’s clearly “sites of religious significance” (pilgrimages/birthplaces/holy centres etc). Whether there is anything else to it to narrow it down further I don’t know.

  7. “The picture has changed now though but I’m confident it is the same thing!”

    It must’ve been a very recent change, as I checked them all about a month ago.

    Good job, John (& Kenwyn)

  8. Here’s some information I’ve got from Wikipedia about the cave in that mountain.

    “Hira, or the Cave of Hira is a cave about 2 mi from Mecca [...]
    It is notable for being the location where Muslims believe Muhammad received his first revelations from God (Allah) through the angel Jibreel, also known as the angel Gabriel to Christians.”

  9. ka-ching!

    Wikipedia has interesting information for all the puzzles.

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