GoogleEarthing #147


Use Google Earth to find the image below somewhere on the face of the Earth. When you find it, tell us using the comment feature.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not: 8 of 9

Click on the Image for a larger view

Solved by: Kenwyn
Location: Hill Cumorah, just South of Palmyra, NY
43′00′19” N 77′13′22” W

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16 Responses to “GoogleEarthing #147”

  1. Got to be the Northern hemisphere, Europe.
    Not mediterranean countries- but somewhere in northern europe- somewhere on mainland, not the UK/Eire isles.
    The greenery (woods) pattern makes it look like its probably in W Germany/Benelux/N France, and of course, their broders with Switzerland (Liechtenstein/Austria, too)

  2. Northern hemisphere: OK, but why Europe? North-America seems just as likely to me.

  3. So I’ve identified the text under the Google watermark and it says ‘Image USDA Farm Service Agency’, so USA it is.
    (I’m sorry if that’s considered as cheating :s)

  4. Any clues derived from the posted image is fair game. But I’m scratching my head trying to figure out where/how you found that information. I see nothing (and it’s my puzzle!!!!).

  5. Haha I have to admit that was pretty impressive!

  6. You can do a lot with photoshop and the printscreen button!

  7. Great technical skills!

    Now, for your intellectual skills: How might this puzzle fit in with the theme (as mostly deduced), and how may that lead you to the solution?

  8. Ehhm.. Alan, I’m afraid the imagery of this area has been updated on GE…

  9. “Ehhm.. Alan, I’m afraid the imagery of this area has been updated on GE…”

    Aaaahhhh, curse the slipperiness on the land!

    On a side note, I was able to get my new computer to upload images!

  10. Thats good news (about the magical powers of your new computer). I’ll send you some images of new puzzles shortly. The theme will be: no theme.

  11. Google is your friend. My last comment for June contains a clue.

  12. Yeah, I saw the clue ages ago. Hence my guess at Texas, but you didn’t bite at that so I suppose I need a rethink. What else is slippery?

  13. Um, google the phrase. ;)

  14. 43′00′19” N 77′13′22” W

    Hill Cumorah, just South of Plmyra, NY.

    I’d looked at Mormon sites ages ago (before the slippery clue) but didn’t really put much effort in. Still, done at last….

  15. Make that last comment PALMYRA

  16. Very impressive Kenwyn. You are really on a roll. Would you please be so kind and solve #111 too? That one is haunting me.

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