Happy New Year… and some explanations.

Some notes for all you solvers to consider as you continue to search for solutions to puzzles 140-149.

The title for the puzzles provides a clue to the theme.

The sequence of the puzzles is significant - believe me.

The link for each puzzle title takes you to a place where further clues can be found - either related to the theme, or to the location of that puzzle.

Only 147 & 148 don’t have deeper links as I couldn’t find appropriate entries to my satisfaction. But I have faith that you will figure these ones out as the theme is divined.

And yes, some of this entry is cryptic.


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2 Responses to “Happy New Year… and some explanations.”

  1. Still hunting, no luck yet, although I do thoroughly check my toilet before I sit down now!

  2. Lol!
    I am putting most of my search-time into #111, these weeks.

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