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Andre Cronje, founder of Yearn Finance is named DeFi’s „Person of the Year“.

Posted on Dezember 2020 in Bitcoin

Andre Cronje, from Yearn Finance, took first place in the „DeFi Person of the Year“ category at DeFi Prime.

DeFi’s big influencers are listed Crypto Trader for several achievements.

The notable absentees: SBF and Vitalik Buterin.

The Trust Project is an international consortium of media organisations based on transparency standards.

Decentralised finance has been the fuel of the crypto industry this year. From its humble beginnings, a series of new protocols have emerged, along with the personalities who founded them.

The DeFi analysis portal DeFi Prime has compiled a list of the main personalities and innovators in the sector this year. However, the retail outlet did not disclose the criteria it used in this list, which does not take itself very seriously as agitators in the nascent financial sector.

The creator of Yearn Finance’s performance aggregator, Andre Cronje, has not only made a name for his development of such an innovative product, but also;

He is also an incredibly humble and capable leader who has laid the foundation for creating quality DeFi services in collaboration with a global community of committed stakeholders.

To put the spotlight on these influential creators, here are the Defiprime people of the year 2020, starting with our choice of the most important creator of the year!


Other DeFi contenders
Among the finalists was Chainlink’s co-founder Sergey Nazarov, whose platform took a quantum leap forward in 2020, becoming the standard solution for oracle-based data and quotes.

Uniswap founder Hayden Adams made the list to drive the world’s largest decentralised exchange and put Ethereum back in the spotlight. Uniswap at one point had more trading volume than Coinbase and a collateral lock of over $3 billion at the height of UNI’s farming madness.

Aave co-founder and CEO Stani Kulechov was appointed as the loan protocol team sent out a high-quality version after a high-quality release since January. The AAVE token of the protocol has also been the most successful DeFi asset of 2020 with an increase of around 5,000% since the beginning of the year.

challenge token swaps
Robert Leshner of Compound Finance and Synthetix founder Kain Warwick also appeared for triggering this year’s yield farming madness.

A handful of coders and developers broke in, namely „samczsun“ who saved some smart deals and „banteg“, Yearn’s lead developer.

It is a bit doubtful that Uniswap cloneur and founder of SushiSwap, „Chef Nomi“, was included in the nominations of the finalists, given that he let his investors down by selling his reserve. DeFi Prime justifies this by stating

The chef makes our list here precisely because he is a leading figure in a reminder that we in DeFi must be careful.

Notable absentees
The founder of Serum and FTX and saviour of SushiSwap, Sam Bankman-Fried, who has been a central figure in the DeFi industry this year, was notably absent from the list.

Even Ethereum’s co-founder Vitalik Buterin was snubbed, which is quite surprising considering that the entire DeFi ecosystem runs on the network he helped create.

There are also countless others who have done wonders for the industry this year by providing information and education. Some of them include Camila Russo, Ryan Sean Adams and Anthony Sassano to name a few.

Sälj nyheterna? Ethereum Dumps 9% När ETH 2.0 lanserades

Posted on Dezember 2020 in Crypto

Hem »ETH» ETH-prisanalys: Sälj nyheterna? Ethereum Dumps 9% När ETH 2.0 lanserades

ETH-prisanalys: Sälj nyheterna? Ethereum Dumps 9% När ETH 2.0 lanserades

Ethereum såg lite vispsågliknande prisrörelse idag efter att den sjönk med cirka 9% innan den återhämtade sig. Allt detta ägde Bitcoin Pro rum dagen för den efterlängtade fas 0-lanseringen av Ethereum 2.0.

ETH / USD – Ethereum Whipsaw Swing ser $ 560 innan den startar igen

  • Viktiga supportnivåer: $ 580, $ 560, $ 550.
  • Viktiga motståndsnivåer: $ 620, $ 650, $ 665.

Tidigare idag spetsade Ethereum lägre med cirka 9% när det sjönk från motståndet till $ 620 för att bryta under $ 600 och nå $ 560. Där hittade den stöd på .236 Fib Retracement-nivån och återhämtade sig för att klättra tillbaka över $ 600 och slå $ 607. Sedan dess har den sjunkit under 600 dollar då den handlar runt 590 dollar. Intressant nog sammanföll allt detta med lanseringen av fas 0 i Ethereum 2.0.

Nästa nivå av motstånd mot att bryta ligger på $ 620, vilket orsakade problem för marknaden tidigare i november.

ETH-USD Kortfristig förutsägelse

Ser vi framåt, om köparna bryter $ 620, ligger den första nivån av högre motstånd på $ 650. Detta följs av $ 665 (1,272 Fib-förlängning), $ 675 (baisseartad .786 Fib Retracement), $ 687 (1,414 Fib Extension) och $ 700.

På andra sidan ligger den första supportnivån på $ 600. Ytterligare support finns på $ 580, $ 560 (.236 Fib) och $ 550.

4HR RSI har börjat peka lägre, vilket tyder på att den hausseartade momentum kan börja blekna.

Mot Bitcoin spetsade Ethereum också lägre då det sjönk från 0,0318 BTC för att slå så lågt som 0,03 BTC. Där hittade det stöd vid .5 Fib Retracement, vilket gjorde det möjligt att hoppa högre för att nå den nuvarande 0,0314 BTC-nivån.

Ser vi framåt ligger den första motståndsnivån på 0,032 BTC. Detta följs av 0,033 BTC, 0,0337 BTC och 0,0345 BTC.

På andra sidan ligger stöd först vid 0,031 BTC. Detta följs av 0,03 BTC (.5 Fib), 0,0295 BTC, 0,0291 BTC (.618 Fib) och 0,0284 BTC (Feb 2020 High).

RSI visar också att det hausseartade momentum långsamt börjar blekna här.
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