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Companies with shares in the American stock market have 6.7 billion in bitcoin

Posted on Oktober 2020 in Bitcoin

More than $6.7 billion in Bitcoin is now owned by publicly traded companies, including U.S. software giant MicroStrategy; asset manager Galaxy Digital and the payment processing platform of Jack Dorsey, Square. The data is from Bitcoin Treasuries.

This amount includes some companies that hold bitcoin on behalf of their investors, such as investment manager Grayscale.

The amount has increased in recent weeks, with new investments from Microstrategy and Square. The trend signals increased interest in bitcoin as a value reserve and a hedge during economic uncertainty – both by publicly traded companies and individual investors.

Currently, with 38,250 BTC (US$ 445 million),rategy owns more bitcoin than any other listed investor, besides Grayscale.

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Microstrategy’s holdings also mean that the company’s shareholders – which include BlackRock, Vanguard and Norway’s Oil Fund – are now indirectly exposed to bitcoin.

Not only that, but the investment also means that each citizen in Norway now indirectly owns some bitcoin, as the government of the country holds a 2% stake in the corporation.

Bitcoin Treasuries provides a complete list of publicly traded companies that own Bitcoin. This shows that a total of 13 entities hold 2.85% of the total Bitcoin offer.
Open capital companies that have Bitcoin.

Square is the most recent in the list. Owner Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, a long time cryptomoeda defender, announced last week that his company had acquired US$ 50 million in bitcoin.

„More important than Square investing $50 million in #Bitcoin is sharing how we did (so that others can do the same),“ tweeted Dorsey, with a link to Square’s investment white paper.

In recent months, bitcoin investment by digital asset management company Grayscale has made headlines. But while the company is publicly traded, its clients are the real buyers of BTC

But the impressive US$ 5 billion that the company holds in Bitcoin are still included in the calculation on Bitcoin Treasuries site – although below a dividing line – next to other asset managers, such as Coinshares.

Looking at the general panorama, all except one of the open capital companies that has Bitcoin saw the value of its investment increase, at least at current prices.