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CredyJusto joins the ecosystem of Colombia Fintech

Posted on August 2020 in Crypto

CredyJusto SAS, a subsidiary of FairMoney Ltd., became part of Colombia Fintech. This was reported from Colombia Fintech, in its website, on August 23rd.

As published from Colombia Fintech, CredyJusto sent them a letter describing the company.

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Among other things, that letter said the following: „Our company, CredyJusto, began operations in February 2020 as a Colombian subsidiary of the multinational FairMoney, a French fintech with operations in Nigeria and India dedicated to providing digital microcredit through a mobile application.

They then added: „We are pleased to announce that in the midst of the current contingency CredyJusto has passed the pilot phase in Colombia and is preparing to begin expansion as of Q4, 2020. This will encourage more and better services to reach the homes of our country and continue the development of equity hand in hand with financial inclusion. Our vision of becoming a digital bank of reference for emerging countries requires us to do great work in Colombia, where we see great potential for objectives such as ours.

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About Colombia Fintech
It is an association of Fintech companies in Colombia, founded in December 2016, with the common goal of creating a dynamic ecosystem of talent, capital and adoption for the development of Fintech businesses in this country. They have consolidated as a representative guild of the technology and financial innovation industry in Colombia and one of the most active Fintech communities in Latin America.