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Trip to the moon – Bitcoin breaks new record and reaches R$ 150,000 in Brazil

Posted on Januar 2021 in Bitcoin

The largest cryptomoeda hit $28,400 in global exchanges and has a new record against the real.

The price of Bitcoin noted a new historical maximum in the Brazilian exchanges on the morning of Sunday, December 27.

The high run led the largest cryptomoeda to a record of $ 153,300 in Brazil, according to data from Cointelegraph Markets and Bitvalor.

The rise of the largest cryptomoeda in the penultimate week of the year surprises experts, who point to $ 30,000 as a „psychological barrier“ to be overcome.

There is, however, no historical data for the projection, since the currency lives discovery of prices with new maximums annotated every day of the last week.

Bitcoin beat the previous record of $20,000, December 16, 2017. Since then, the rally has already appreciated more than 40%, considering this Sunday’s maximum.

In global markets, the largest cryptomoeda hit US$ 28,400, suffering strong sales pressure and correction up to US$ 26,500. At the moment, the currency is consolidated at R$ 146,000 in Brazil and US$ 27,400 in international exchanges.

The trading volume is moderate, according to Bitvalor data, with 497 BTC traded so far on Sunday. The largest exchange in the country, the Bitcoin Market, traded 370 BTC.

The dollar, which has no trading at weekends, continues at $ 5.17, bringing the expectation of fluctuation this Monday to determine if it can boost the BTC rally to new records in the last week of 2020.